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Wimberley, TX, Septic Service & Maintenance

Once your septic system goes even further south than it already is, you know you’ve got a problem—and a messy, greasy, stinky one at that. If you lack the time or equipment to address these issues, Luna Environmental is the one to call. We are the best in the industry for the expert handling of septic services and maintenance for Wimberley commercial and industrial enterprises. Luna Environmental expertly handles septic tanks and systems, grease traps, and even porta potties, allowing you to enjoy life without unexpected disruptions.

Why Luna?

Take Care of Business to Avoid Maintenance Surprises

Admit it, no matter if you’re downtown or tucked comfortably in a rural Texas area, property upkeep is essential—especially the challenging parts that no one wants to take care of. Our professionals at Luna Environmental are skilled and eager to manage these tasks. We get it done right the first time, and we know how to dispose of the mess efficiently and in compliance with local and federal regulations. We are your expert team in managing your septic system, grease traps, and even porta potties, taking on all maintenance and repairs. We also handle tank pumping and repair for Wimberley businesses. With us in charge, you can relax and relish life, ensuring your business runs smoothly with no weekend worries about wastewater or sewage issues.

Our Services

Aerobic System Maintenance

We inspect, maintain, and repair septic tank systems in the Central Texas area for commercial and residential properties.

Septic System Pumping

Septic tanks should be regularly inspected. Our tank pumping services in Central Texas are typically recommended annually.

Real Estate Inspections

Whether buying or selling a home or needing to assess the system you already own, our septic service team in Central Texas can send a licensed technician to produce a detailed multi-point inspection of your commercial or residential system.

Being a Good Neighbor

Cleaner Waste Management for a Healthier Environment

It’s more than just looking after your commercial or industrial property. It’s about contributing to the well-being of our Texas communities and ensuring the cleanliness of our groundwater, rivers, lakes, and soil. Proper septic system maintenance helps prevent ground and surface water contamination by pollutants like nitrogen. This is our way of being good neighbors.

Hays County Septic Tank Pumping