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Central Texas Septic Company

Luna Environmental is based outside Austin in Hays County in the great state of Texas. We take customer service seriously so every one of our neighbors has the best experience possible.

Hays County Septic Company
The Luna Difference

360° Support, Reporting, and Peace of Mind

Our Central Texas septic company offers the industries’ most comprehensive and clear reporting to our customers.
We fix problems right the first time using only manufacturer-certified parts installed by specialists.
We foster the industries’ leading work environment so team members can thrive.

Our Guiding Principles


Outrageous Service

Whether fixing a small leak or installing a completely new septic system, it’s a heck of a responsibility. We see you, and our septic company in Central Texas is here for you. And that’s something special.


Count On Us

We don’t create problems to fix or fix problems that don’t exist. Our septic tank service experts in Central Texas are always honest and transparent and treat customers as our own.


Do Things Right the First Time

Look, if you are going to do it, do it right. We take the necessary time and effort to complete the job and eliminate the problem. Anything less just isn’t an option.


On the Double

You can call on our septic company in Central Texas in times of distress. We understand the panic and stress that can arise, and we are here to provide leadership and peace of mind.


The Industries’ Leading Health Check

You know when you go get your oil changed and they give you that piece of paper showing a thorough check of all the points of your car? We do that too. But for your septic system. Our septic tank service and aerator repair team in Central Texas leverages the latest technology to analyze, test, and diagnose problems before they occur. Saving you money and head-aches in the long run.